Monday, October 26, 2009

We are starting back on our socks!!

Wow!! It's been 5 months since a post on here. Well I hope we are starting on our socks again or if you've finished your socks just start another pair with us. Here is my socks so far:
We've got a new member so let me go see if she wants to be a part of this blog. whoooo hoooo


  1. sounds like a good idea to me.. I was needing a reason to cast on for another pair of socks. Seems like I do better when I have to be accountable. Thanks for getting the ball rolling again Pat♥

  2. Is that 2 needles or one?? Wish we all lived in the same town so we could get together to knit. I think it would help me a lot! I should be fine if I can just get a few rows going.

  3. Love your socks. I use a small crochet hook to bind off with . Just like crocheting and it leaves a stretchy top.I love it better than any I've used .
    Elsie <><

  4. When I get done with my Mystery Socks I am working on I will be working on 2 at a time mittens~!