Monday, May 4, 2009


life got so crazy last week, I forgot to post about socks here. I did on my blog..but bloody little that does for here, huh?

I love how everyone's are looking.

I gave up with the thin sock yarn and doing it in similar I am using patons classic and sock yarn coupled together to make a set of fraternal twin socks. That has totally helped. Here's what I did last Wednesday while I was at the er with D. Or was it Tuesday? Like I remember! She's good, ct scan clear, and the dizziness subsided over the weekend, PTL.......and then I got busy knitting my mom's mother's day gift. I wouldn't want to push it to the wire or anything! Bwahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, I'm past that, but I'm still plugging along. It's been too sunny to knit. I've been OUTSIDE. Rain is pending, so hopefully once I catch up on the inside work, I can hit the socks again!

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