Wednesday, May 6, 2009

going up the legs

As you can see I am going upward.. But for some reason,, I am loosing my drive. I decided to pick a pattern from Wendy Johnson's new book. Sock from the Toe Up, which I got a few weeks ago. I chose the Diagonal Lace pattern.. It's only 10 rows and knit every other.and for some reason it's been a challenge for me.
I already know that these socks are going to be BIG,,, but I will have to worry about that later. I just want to get to the top. I found another skein of koigu in the same colorway, so I would like to make them longer. I usually do the shortest sock I can do.
And after doing more than half of this sock on circulars together.. I must confess. I had to separate them and now I am doing them one at a time.. this was after I was frustrated because I was knitting with the wrong ball on the wrong sock for a couple of rows... I thought by now I would be use to all the needles and be able to keep them straight. It hasn't been so easy for me.. I think I will make my next socks.. magic loop.. at least I won't get the needles mixed up♥

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  1. you so have to share how you did the GUSSET for these.... I can not for the life of me do that lol I have to do short rows ....LOVE the lace work...I should have my socks done soon the girl I am doing mine for likes ankle socks and she has SMALL feet lol