Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Blogs Debut

Ok this blog is going to belong to all of us that join. We all want to learn how to make 2 socks at a time on circular needles! Yea for us. learning is a good thing.
So now we just need to start getting some members and get us a pattern that we want to start with.
Come on and let me know if you want to join and I will add you to the blog as a contributor.


  1. I want to join!
    Hugs, Health and Happiness,
    gmail: eat.sleep.knit

  2. I am in too Patt. I may be a silent partner at first but I want in, lol

  3. Knitting two at a time is probably the only way I'm ever going to finish another pair of socks!

  4. I haven't even finished one sock!! Do you think I can learn to do two at a time?? I've got the basics down--just never finished!! And do I need to purchase any of these books? Count me in!! I've got sock yarn to go!!


  5. I'm here! What do I need? I'll try to keep up!

  6. Can people still join at this late date?