Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why I voted for the 2 cuff down on ml

Ok I voted for the 2 cuff down on 1 circular or magic loop needle. My reason for this is when I did the Mojo sock and I was binding off for the cuff, I had to frog it 2 times and the last time I did the bind off it was still too tight for my leg. I know with the cuff down patterns I can have more control over the cuff. Also I really didn't like the afterthought heel. It did end up nice looking but I like making the heel flap and all that. And when doing the mojo sock I used 2 circular needles so I know I can do that. It was easier for me that the dp needles becasue I didn't lose so many stitches. And so now I need to learn the magic loop ON the sock above I actually pushed the cuff down so it would fit. bummer.

What did you all vote for and why?

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  1. I voted two toe-up on two cirulars because I have wanted to learn the toe up method, and I don't have long enough circlulars to work the magic loop method (though I really do want to learn how to do two at a time using that method).
    Hugs, health and happiness,