Tuesday, April 14, 2009

here I go

hello all.. I have finally casted on, but it's not working out quite as I had thought. It takes some getting use to all the cords and yarns while you try to keep everything in proper order.
My problem is that one of my toes is looking longer than the other. I guess i understood the instructions wrong. I started with 2 needles. I think I will change to one needle next. I couldn't figure it out!!! I think I need lots of help♥


  1. ok i think i know what you did :) I did it too and i ripped and started over now i am going strong. for the toes I casted on 10 stitches on ONE needdle then you KNIT one row. NOW with the second needdle you pick up 10 stitches then start the toe increase.... NOW it is EASIER if you have 2 diffrent color cords because the cord holding the top and the cord holding the bottom you use the top cord to knit the top the bottom cord to knit the bottom I put a saftey pin at the begining so i knew where the begining was you might want to try that I just pin it to my sock and every so often move it up. Let me know if you need more help i can call you and try to walk you through it :)

  2. wow,.... this is amazing help.. thanks sooo much. Is it okay to use two needles? The patterns is for magic loop, but I didn't know if that was what everyone is doing.. I am going to start over and will let you know how it goes.. thanks again. I think I understand it better now♥

  3. I am doing mine diffrent ...I CAN NOT do cuff down I have done it before and i make them way to small or to tight something always goes wrong lol..I ALWAYS knit toe up so i am doing two at a time on two LONG needles Like I said I can help over the phone if need be :) I do not mind PATT can tell you I am not a stalker haa haa.... I posted a web site on here for the TOE UP let me find it... and will post it here for you it is the one I used.