Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On 3rd row

Kathy, you can do it. I couldn't figure it out so what I did was just to cast on all stitches needed and then start to work on one sock all around then do next sock all around. then on to next sock for 2nd row.

I'm gonna put a marker on my first sock so I'll know which is which and will put it on the beginning of 1st sock so I'll know the start. I could put a different sort of marker on the 2nds sock in the start so I will know.

Vanessa knows how to do this already I can see. go Nessa!!!

Help us as much as you can.

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  1. I cast on with two different colors, I think I may need to put a drop of nail polish on one of the needle tips so I remember which is my lead off needle! We'll see.