Sunday, April 5, 2009

I cast on too

Here is my first attempt. I've cast on plus did the first round on each sock. What messed me up was this. I cast on 28 st with one ball of yarn, then cast on 56 st with the 2nd ball. Then it says to cast on the rest of the first balls st. but my cast on yarn was in the middle of the cable and I had no way to cast on the rest. So I put those st (1st 28) on the right hand needle and cast on the other 28 st and then put all 56 st back on the left hand needle. NOw I'm just going to start on the ribbing part of the pattern.


  1. Okay, you guys. I'm going to have to finish ONE project before I cast on....but I hope to be with you by Tuesday.

    I'm so proud!

  2. Ok Shelly we'll be waiting for ya.

  3. Those directions did look very confusing to me - that's why I used the CO directions in the book, which were to cast on all 56 stitches with one ball and then all 56 with the other. Of course that's as far as I got!