Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ok I am jumping in with eyes wide shut

Doesn't that look beautiful? I stopped at the LYS this morning and bought a new pair of Addie Turbos 47" long size 2 and while I was there I picked up more sock yarn, I decided on this yarn because it came in 2 balls so I didn't have to seperate the yarn. Smart I am, right?

Well perhaps SMART is not the best word to describe me. I sat here all afternoon and looked at my new yarn and needles. Afraid to make a mess of them. But I have to stop being afraid of everything. YES things are changing and I need to start embracing the NEW, because the Old isn;'t cutting it anymore. So I started...
And now I am crying. Stuck... confused... baffled... I watched all the tutorials, read all the instructions, knitted 28 stitches of k2, p2 on the first section of cast on stitches... BUT where do I go now, onto the second sock? Everything looks twisted.
I need someone to come here and hold my hand. PLEASE???

1 comment:

  1. Good try Kathy. Keep at it. If we can't get it after a few tries I say we all try with 2 circulars. I know I can do those!!